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The goal of this project is to identify the large hedge funds that are short selling, and what exactly they are short selling. GME is a prime example of how you can take advantage of shorts.

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Stem (STPK)
Looking Beyond Tesla – The Most Compelling and REAL ESG story On the Market... Price TGT – $100
When Citron reversed its opinion on Tesla from short to long 2 years ago when the stock was at $52 (adjusted for splits) is when we recognized that this is not just a car company, but rather Tesla is going to lead the world in new energy.
But unlike electric cars whose biggest problem is charging and range as the electric gets used immediately, the transformation to a greater dependence on batteries is going to depend on the storage and distribution of electricity.
Citron believes that with the new green initiatives under the Biden administration, the ESG story and $2 trillion green revolution is underway in full force and investors must look for real disruptive companies with leading positions, where Tesla was 2 years ago.
Introducing Stem, Inc. (STPK)
As the world moves away from carbon to wind and solar power, smart storage of clean power is more important than ever. The global energy storage market represents a $1.2 trillion opportunity and is expected to increase 25x by 2030.
Without smart storage, the build out of renewable generation is not possible. Since 2019, 90% of grid interconnection requests have been for renewables and storage. California has already mandated that all new vehicles be carbon free by 2035 and its entire power grid be carbon free by 2045.
Which company stands to benefit the most from this booming secular trend? Stem, Inc. (STPK)
Below we explain why STPK should power its way to over $100. Background
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January 11, 2021

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